Welcome to La Curtea Richvini! Guesthouse & Campingsite in Transylvania
In heart of Transylvania in the beautiful Village of Richis / Reichesdorf only 5km from Biertan

Our Guesthouses
The former parish house from Richis/Reichesdorf has been lovingly restored and is situated in a picturesque garden. It offers a special atmosphere in the rural areas. All the comfortable rooms have a view on this romantic setting. The house has plenty of room for 10 people and is great for both as two families with children or small groups well suited.


Our Campsite
Through the big gate, you drive into our intimate walled campsite.
The tranquil atmosphere gives you an idea how well the courtyard gave security to the people once. Here you hear the flutter and rattle of the storks
as they return to their nest on the chimney of the school! In the soothing silence you hear the bees buzzing …

Location & Nature

The small Saxon village Riches/Reichesdorf is the neighboring village to Biertan (Birthälm) with its famous, imposing castle church in the heart of white wine region of Transylvania.
The village is located about 19 km southeast of Medias (Medias) and is a very good starting point for activities of any kind in Southern Transylvania.

Richis is located approximately 450 m above sea level, the surrounding green hills 80 to 150 meters above that close as a protective belt around the village. This position gives a micro-climate, in spring summer and autumn it is pleasantly warm, and in the evening it cools off wonderfully.

Unlike Biertan (Birthälm), where arrive daily tourist buses, village life runs in Richis very introspective from, though – if we are to believe the words of the sexton and the Saxon original Schaas – The Church of Richis is at least as important as the one from Biertan!

Richis is situated in the protected area of  ‚Tarnave Mare’
The area is one of the last remaining semi-natural grassland and forest areas in Europe and is  characterized by the traditional method of farming,  Almost all the work is still done by hand and by horse and wagon. The traditional farming and grazing herds of sheep, cows and buffalo provides highly varied vegetation.

The area is known for its many wild flowers including several species of orchids. The large variety of prey such as insects, a wide variety of reptiles and amphibians provides a rich bird life.
Therefore for birders, this is a very interesting and varied area. Also a rich fauna, with still living bears and wolves.

In addition to these natural resources the region has an eventful history: 800 years Saxon colonization led to the emergence of many villages with impressive fortified churches. Alongside are the Romanian and Roma communities in a colourful Hansel and Gretel-like villages, wonderful to explore, feeling back in time!